All Family crew is at your service and will be happy to help you.

We are ready to make your wishes come true - Have a meeting with the Captain to plan a tour which will fill your heart and mind with great memories.

We will sail through the marvellous natural environment of this amazing country with an incredible cultural heritage.
On the edge of the bays of the many small islands surrounding us, luscious vegetation grows round the villages, where time seems to have stopped.

We will raise our sails when the wind is favourable and as we move, gently and silently, the only sound will be the sound of the sea.

If we want to relax all we do is let down the anchor, so for hours we can bathe and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, surrounded only by nature's beauty and silence. During this rewarding idleness the ship's cook will prepare one of many specialities, so that your satisfaction will be complete.

The Captain, who is also the owner of the Hera, loves traditional home cooking and will be delighted if you want to help to choose the food in the various local markets. Fish, meat, vegetables and fruit: in this country food tastes like it used to, when all products were natural.

We will sail until late in the afternoon before stopping for the night in some small town, to visit the local cultural heritage sites with polite locals. We will book our evening meal in a good restaurant, to keep you satisfied with your food on land and not only on board. Finally, we will relax with a last drink on board, in the Hera's comfortable marquee, preparing our minds for a new, marvellous day.